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Elite Fit was featured on Greater24's Network ON-AIR TV Show. Check out the segment that aired throughout the Virginia and North Carolina market. We appreciate everyone for spreading the word and making Elite Fit your first choice for fitness and sports conditioning.

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We provide an Elite level of physical fitness training for athletes, adults, our youth and athletic teams through dynamic fitness/sport specific programing.

Bre at Elite Fit makes working out fun, my kids are always happy to get in a workout with Bre.

Amber Quarles

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Elite:  Training
This option is a great FIT for those who would like 1-on-1 programming for a great price! Our certified trainers will write a personalized fitness program for you, that you can come in and do anytime you would like, with any trainer you would like. You simply come in, get an evaluation, talk to a trainer about your personal fitness goals, and they will write your program. You can go on our schedule and pick which time slot you would like to come in and which trainer you would like to work with. And the program grows and changes as you do!

Elite:  Fitness
This option includes all of our fitness classes! This gives you the option to take as few or as many of our classes as you would like. Simply pick a class, sign up, and drop on in! This option also allows you to use the gym during staffed hours.  

Elite:  Fit Memberships
These are our most affordable options! These memberships allow you to use the gym during staffed ours, get discounts on events and classes, and have some classes built in depending on what level membership you purchase.  

Elite:  Team Training
This is a special package that we offer for coaches or parents who would like to bring in an entire team to get ready for season. To be considered for this package you must have at least 8 athletes within a 5-year age difference. Package pricing is dependent on team needs, age, and number of athletes.  

Elite:  Specialty Sport Classes
Most of these sport specific skill classes will be offered seasonally with some classes be available year round.  Please be sure to check our calendar for class time and availability

Elite:  Bootcamp
This 1 hour long class will get you moving and push you to your fitness limits. Our goal is to give you an intense workout and to make sure we never get boring or repetitive to keep you coming back for more and keep you open to new ideas.  

Elite:  WOD
This is our Workout Of the Day. We offer this for anyone who would like to come into the gym and have a workout that is going to push them and is well thought out and organized by one of our certified trainers. This is a cross training program that has an emphasis on strength, core, and cardio. This is available throughout the day, just ask our front desk for the workout.  

Elite:  Speed and Agility
This class is available to athletes of all ages and skill level. It is designed to improve footwork, speed, and agility. All things that are vital to any athlete’s success.  

Elite:  Weight Lifting 101
This class is available to all athletes over the age of 10. It is designed to teach the athlete the basic form of different lifts and how to get the most out of each training session.  

Elite:  Women in Weights
This class is available to all women over the age of 18 who would like a more personal gym session with workouts designed with their specific needs in mind.



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Rates Reflect
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