Service Benefits Overview
Opportunity Listing Accounts


the services to help meet the challenge.

Small Business/Organizations

Account Holders

Development Reviews

Account holders can have a second set of eyes review their submissions and receive feedback on the perceived consumer impact, their information and relevancy.

Opportunity Listing Placement

Account holders have their opportunity listed alongside other great opportunities that professionals enjoy reviewing in their own time without the aggressive sales pitch.

Presentation Listing Page

Approved opportunities from account holders receive their own professional online listing page that helps the viewer to better understand the offer and makes it easier to transfer the information to other parties. This page comes with a dedicated web link that you can incorporate in everyday correspondence and social campaigns.


Additional presentation features can be added to enhance the page from targeted productions, customer feedback and downloads while the page is being used in meetings, presentations and mass e-mail campaigns.

​and distribution of promotional ad packages and sponsorship opportunities.

Some companies and organizations experience challenges throughout the year in either creating an enticing advertising or sponsorship package. However, the challenges don’t end there.

​Distributing this information impressively to as many potential buyers as possible has its own roadblocks after soliciting preexisting contact list.