We are a tax-exempt, 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and we welcome contributions. Your support is not just helping us but it empowers our team to do the work that changes the lives of so many single mothers in the Coastal Virginia area. Thank you.

Our Mission - to support single mothers by providing essential tools and resources for developing productive and transformative lifestyles via mentoring relationships and education.
Our Vision - is that the programs and services provided by Journey For Success will build confidence and empower single mothers to achieve their goals, and become self sufficient heads of household, leaders in their communities and workplace, and role models to their children.

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Journey For Success is the evolution of Still Hope Foundation, Inc.  The organization was established in October, 2007 in an effort to lighten the parenting responsibilities borne by single mothers throughout the Hampton Roads, Virginia communities. 
The organization's goal is to equip single mothers with those tools that will enable them to become self-sufficient leaders of their households.

Through the provision of an educational certificate program and supportive mentoring relationships, women are elevated and empowered to move forward and navigate a successful path for themselves and their families.  Journey For Success - a tax-exempt 501(c)3 non-profit public charity - seeks to ensure that every mom has the opportunity to build and maintain a successful family unit.

While our clientele of mothers parenting alone varies by circumstance, from teen or divorced mothers, to widowed women, we believe that any mother, irrespective of her socio-economic status, religion, or race, can benefit from the guidance and support provided via Journey For Success.
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Certificate‍‍‍ Ov‍‍‍erview

Our certificate curriculum concentrates on seven (7) areas of focus to ensure that women are afforded the opportunity to enhance their own lives while strengthening their families. They are: Discovery, Health & Wellness, Child Development, Career Development, Financial Advancement, Social Impact & Interaction, and Communication. To enhance the mother's experienc‍‍‍e and further ensure her success, we solicit community volunteers who are willing to work alongside program participants as Development Coaches (Mentors). 

At Journey For Success we forge vital partnerships with other community organizations to hosting variou‍‍‍s events to benefit individuals and families in th‍‍‍e Hampton Roads Area.

We welcome and appreciate your willingness to volunteer your time and/or make a donation. Please contact us for more information.

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Christine M. Bacon, Ph.D
Nikema Carrero, Owner, Liberty Tax Services
Tara McGee, Community Volunteer

Advisory Board

Andrew Nusbaum
L. D. Britt, MD, MPH
Angelia Williams-Graves
Dr. Patricia Moore-Harbour
Maria Moore Bright

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President - Monica Y. Diggs, CEO, Journey For Success
Vice-President - ‍‍‍‍‍‍VACANT
Treasurer - Eileen Ertel, Towne Bank
Secretary - Tricina Pettaway, Community Volunteer

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WHAT W‍‍‍E DO‍‍‍

Through our core initiative, Mentor Forward, single mothers and community volunteers are matched and paired with one another to create a partnership where both short and long-term goals are set and action steps for completion are planned. Volunteers provide support and guidance in a year-long program which involves both one on one mentor/mentee interaction as well as group interaction with a full cohort of mentors and mentees. Other interactions might include a wide range of activities from vision boards to creative writing, to group mental wellness discussions and personality assessments.  

Achieving their goals or having an action plan for the completion of long term goals is a key indicator of success for program participants. ‍‍‍B‍‍‍ut, seeing (and hearing) evidence of attitudinal change, decision making, and confidence is key.  Evidence of transformational change means we have reached our goals as an organization.

Although we use a mentoring approach in our core program, our Enrichment Series consists of workshops and seminars designed to educate on relevant topics and are offered to any single mothers desiring to‍‍‍ supplement their knowledge. All sessions pertain to one of our 7 (seven) elements of focus: Self-Awareness, Finance, Parenting, Health & Wellness, Job Skills/Career, Education, and Self-Sufficiency. ‍‍

We Me‍‍‍ntor

We Educate

In 2018, we will implement a pilot certificate program of a structured course curriculum, Pathways, to allow for more in-depth instruction that will aid in c‍‍‍r‍‍‍eating a solid foundation of knowledge and tools guaranteed to equip mothers with resources and information to strengthen their families.  ‍

Coming In 2018