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You can have Success and BEYOND!  (Think Buzz Lightyear) What does that mean? It means living a life that is rich and fulfilling no matter what your vocation. It means not just achieving success in every area of your life but having fun while you are on the journey!Sometimes all you need is one or two ideas to experience dramatic improvement and the success you deserve, Guy can help.Guy Burns is a certified Master Guerrilla Achiever Trainer and ELI Certified Sales Trainer as well as teaching numerous Leadership/Communications and Customer Experience courses annually both in the United States and internationally. Guy can take you or your team from the brink of possibility to the path of infinite probability…In 1992 he started his first business, a marketing company, that grew from 6 employees to over 100 hundred employees, with over $2.5 million per month in gross sales, in less than eighteen months.

Since that time he has owned three successful businesses in diverse industries.His current business, Success And Beyond, LLC, is a Training and Coaching business founded in 2003. In this business Guy has had the opportunity to train thousands of people and presents life-changing presentations to over 100 audiences per year as well as coaching small groups and individuals on the principles of having Success and Beyond. He has recently spoken professionally in America, England, Ireland, France, Austria, Canada, Italy, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.As a member of the Forbes Coaching Council and a Professional Member of National Speakers Association, Guy is held to a high standard of Ethics, Expertise, and Eloquence.


Guy Burns
‍‍‍‍‍‍International ‍‍‍Public‍‍‍ Speaker

Leadership Training
Customer Serv‍‍‍ice Training Sales Tra‍‍‍ining

1-855-GOAL411 • [email protected]


• Mazda
• Social Security
• Administration

• The Bridge FM 88.7FM
• McLane Children's Hospital
• Kansas City Blood Bank
• Emanuel Medica‍‍‍l Center
• Amherst Town Court
• SkillPath Seminars
US Navy
• General Electric
• Wal-Mart
• Park University
• Texas A&M
• DART‍‍‍
• Coldwell Banker
• Closet Factory
• Monarch Mortgage

‍‍‍See who’s benefited from training by‍‍‍ Guy Burns.

“Guy is an exceptional instructor with a depth of knowledge in the field of communications. His insights into solving interpers‍‍‍ona‍‍‍l situations will definitely aid me in the future in my profession.”

Patricia Bennet
Criterion Catalyst & Technologies
Port Allen, LA
"A must do course for every member of an organization. Communications impact every person we deal with both internally and externally. Good for breaki‍‍‍n‍‍‍g down barriers and preventing misunderstandings."

Paul Heaney
Aspen Interiors
Sydney, Australia


Guy has spoken in the following countries:

United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Austria, Canada‍‍‍, Italy, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand.